Earth is a super conscious living, breathing, and transforming being. Various sites around the planet are expanding and evolving in consciousness to change the vibrational frequency of the planet in preparation for our next level and experience of living. These locations are called gateways. The earth’s activation cycle is a natural phenomenon full of harmony, balance, synergy, abundance, integrated spiritual living, unconditional love, and oneness for all of humanity. These cycles of expansion are necessary for our continued and long-term sustainability of life.

Human consciousness is in sync with the Earth’s growth process. We are expanding, evolving, and transforming as well. This is a natural process that is happening. We can either be intentional and deliberate about our growth and live in balance, alignment, and harmony with the shift that is happening or we can move through this growth process haphazardly and unaware.

“Those who awaken to and live self-empowered in direct balance and alignment with this process will naturally move through life with grace and ease fulfilling their life purpose. Those who do not…there will be many challenges.” ~Dr. Shinshuri

Below is a list of global chakra centers and active sites as well as emerging ones that are planned (scheduled) to initiate planetary expansion in the coming years

Chakra Centers and Active Sites
  1. Shasta, California
  2. Lake Titicaca, Perú
  3. Ayer’s Rock/The Olgas/Uluru Katatjuta, Australia
  4. Glastonbury & Shaftesbury, England
  5. Great Pyramid, Mt Sinai*, Mount of Olives
  • Transient Location*
  1. Mount Kailas, Tibet
  2. Cape Town, Africa (Table Mountain)
  3. North Island, New Zealand (Cathedral Cove)
  • Great Pyramid, Mt Sinai*, Mount of Olives*
  1. Haleakala Crater, Maui, Hawaii
  2. Bali, Indonesia World Purification Center
  3. Southern Mexico, El Tule and Palenque – World Inner Balance Center
  4. Fuji, Japan – World Immortality and Beauty Center
  5. Sergiev Posad, Russia Federation – World Synthesis Center

* denotes site is not counted either because it is transient or counted as a major chakra center

Beijing Cycle: 2008 – 2027
  1. Lantau Island, Hong Kong
  2. Niagara Falls, New York & Ontario, Canada
  3. Dimlang/Shebshi Mountain, Nigeria
  4. Recife, Brazil
  5. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  6. Atlas, Morroco/Algeria/Tunisia
  7. Manaus, Brazil
  8. Rio de Jainero, Brazil
  9. High Tatra Mountains, Poland
  10. Arunachala Hill, India
  11. Uhuru Peak (Mt. Kilimanjaro), Tanzania
  12. Tabun Bogdo, Mongolia/ Mt. Belukha, Siberia
  13. Beijing, China (Nine Sacred Mountains of China)
    1. Four Buddhist Mountains
    2. Five Taoist Mountains
Easter Island Cycle: 2027 – 2046
  1. Boulder, Colorado
  2. Blue Mountains, Australia
  3. Cerro de Puntas & Source of Arecebo River, Puerto Rico
  4. Papua New Guinea
  5. Dakar, Sengal – Cape Verde
  6. Tsodilo Hill, Botswana
  7. Surat Thani, Thailand
  8. Tomaniivi, Fiji
  9. Denali, Alaska
  10. Maromokotro, Madagascar
  11. Damavand, Iran
  12. Klyuchevskaya, Sopka
  13. Easter Island
Bermuda Cycle: 2046 – 2065
  1. Iceland
  2. Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
  3. Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada
  4. Ascension Island
  5. Lena-Muna, Siberia
  6. Kerguelen
  7. LamLam, Guam
  8. Orohena, Tahiti
  9. Graciosa, The Azores
  10. Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen
  11. Hope, Eternity Mountains, Antarctic Peninsula
  12. The South Pole
  13. Bermuda

For detailed inquiry and research visit Earth Chakra website.