Welcome to the RITMO™ Experience. I am S H I N S H U R I. I live and emanate unconditional love. I work tirelessly to be in direct deliberate action about my life purpose, and to create with real intention each day through my commitment to live and be in philanthropic service for the expansion and evolution of humanity through educational empowerment.

RITMO™ is an integrated rhythmic inspirational healing and lifestyle practice. This practice grew out of daily open dialogues with spirit. Every day I took deliberate intentional action to open my heart. As a result of my devotion and passion I began to receive loving guidance, direction, visualizations, downloads, dialogues, and never-ending unconditional love to balance, align, heal, transform, illuminate, and reactivate my connection with Source Energy—the all-knowing, all seeing, powerful force of creative wisdom, and intelligent energy in the universe.

My greatest vision and mission is to be an inspiration to others, and to lead every person that desires to return to their purest super conscious state back to being an emanating expression of unconditional love.

My first book Super Conscious Model for Living was published in 2011 to support the Personal Transformation Leadership program at Oracles of Truth Academy. My newest book and CD entitled Expressions of Unconditional Love is also subject matter text for the program. I am currently writing a new book entitled Chosen to Lead: My Return to Oneness.

To learn more about me and the many collaborative projects I am delighted to share with the world peruse the digital archive and links below.

My Personal Story

I am living with a fully open heart, and it spans the entire universe and beyond. You too can fully open your heart. It’s the only way all of us can return to oneness. Read more about my RITMO™ Journey, as I share more of my writings, books, speeches, recordings, and dialogues.

Collaborative Projects

Shinshuri Foundation
Oracles of Truth
Cosmic Vibe
Business Philanthropy
Pedageo Media
IPA Research
Abrío Events