Hi. I’m Dr. Shinshuri. I live, emanate, and express unconditional love. It is the essence of my being.

I live with an open heart and it spans the entire universe and beyond. You too can fully open your heart.

Join me in a live free webinar training and learn more about the practice, healing journey, and experience I took that helped me to reactivate my personal power, unleash extraordinary human capabilities, transform my life, and reclaim my life purpose.

You can live, be, and radiate your true power with the RITMO™ Experience too. This is an immense opportunity for you to realign, balance, reactivate, and reclaim your innate power and manifest success too!


RITMO™ Practice focuses on aligning one’s chakra energy to open the heart chakra and establish a constant unwavering communication channel to source energy. RITMO™ practitioners work tirelessly to develop a repeated daily discipline for themselves. There are two parts basic and advanced RITMO™. Both focus on developing and integrating the six expressions of super conscious living.

RITMO™ Expressions

  • Recognize Your Inner Essence
  • Surrender Your Outer Essence
  • Accept Your Innate Power
  • Listen to Your Inner Wisdom
  • Transform and Be an Exemplar
  • Experience Oneness

These expressions are essential to developing a repeated daily discipline for yourself to heal, transform, and reactivate super conscious power. This conscious deliberate act leads the practitioner to experience and emanate unconditional love in purity and super consciousness. After completing the practice, you should be able to:

  • Improve respiratory functioning, digestion, circulation, and increase  energy
  • Release displaced energies, thought patterns, stress, and gain psychological freedom through regular meditative practice
  • Open yourself to greater awareness, perspectives, human capabilities, and co-create possibilities toward accomplishing your life purpose and personal goals
  • Co-create collaborative and respectful experiences rooted in unconditional love
  • Develop a repeated daily discipline for yourself to maintain harmony, alignment, and balance
  • Be an exemplar for yourself and others

The full RITMO™ Journey includes seven energetic planetary locations, which are known as the Earth Chakras. This is your sacred journey to travel to seven beautiful energy centers around the world. You can take the complete journey and visit all the locations or you can choose one or more locations to visit. We take at least one trip per year. Taking the trip allows you to:

  1. It is also your safe space to practice RITMO™, develop a repeated daily discipline for yourself to move through all the areas in your mental and emotional disposition or static conscious state to a more fluid, lucid, and expressive state where you are completely free to be, and co-create the life you were meant to lead.
  2. This state of awareness is a truly heightened and illuminated state of super conscious awareness, where you are completely aligned with I AM presence and able to see, know, experience, and manifest all your heart desires.
  3. Participation in your sacred journey gives you an opportunity to reconnect to the hidden areas of your heart and explore those uncharted terrains, while immersed in a social and interactive learning experience with others who may be on a similar or different journey.
  4. RITMO™ practitioners work to align each of their chakras, while also traveling and experiencing Chakra energy of Mama Pacha (Mother Earth) at her various locations around the planet. You will explore the richness of your own inner beauty, while also experiencing the external beauty of various people and cultures around the world.
Chakra 1 Chakra 2 Chakra 3 Chakra 4 Chakra 5 Chakra 6 Chakra 7
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California Perú Australia England Africa Transient Tibet

RITMO™ is a 12-day cultural immersion experience with daily integrated rhythmic inspiration healing and lifestyle practice. RITMO™ is a Spanish word. It means rhythm and represents the essence and rhythm that exists in all of life. RITMO™ stands for recitation, intonation, tantra, motion, and oneness.

Similar to yoga, RITMO™ is based on the Five Tibetan Rites. RITMO™ incorporates sound vibration, music, meditation, chanting, mantras and mudra touch-points, dance, and body movement to create a unique super conscious cosmic experience—oneness. The physical modalities of RITMO™ are foundational to prayer, quieting the mind, listening, observation, practice, and living in an illuminated state of super conscious being.

This unique super conscious experience leads the practitioner to live and emanate pure unconditional love. It is The Ultimate Love Connection (TULC). A place of awareness where the practitioner remembers and reflects I AM presence. The Cultural Immersion Itinerary includes:

  • RITMO™ Practice
  • Breakfast
  • Cultural Immersion Activities
  • Lunch
  • Cultural Immersion Activities
  • RITMO™ Practice
  • Dinner
  • Group Reflection
  • Personal Time


Expressions of Unconditional Love Book & CD Set (3-disks) – a self help leadership book and CD set used to support personal transformation.

Personal Transformation eCourses  – a set of online courses designed to aid the process of transformation as you work through your life circumstances, situations, and issues.

RITMO™ Toolkits – a great tool set that keeps you on top of your personal transformation process and helps to facilitate alignment and balancing of your chakra energy.

Personalized Healing Mandala – a poster sized mandala used to illustrate the magnitude and alignment required for each human chakra, which describes your disposition in consciousness at a specific point in time.

Mandala Card Deck – a personal leadership card deck to assist you with conducting personalized readings to work through mental, emotional, and physiological ailments.

Life Plan Toolkit – a self assessment toolkit used to conduct a reading of your numerology chart so that you can identify, remember, and realign with your life purpose and soul’s journey.

RITMO™ Library– a digital library of inspirational tools to support your RITMO™ practice and leadership development.

RITMO™ Practitioner Membership – an annual membership to the RITMO™ Community, which includes collaboration and practice tools, digital libraries, online forums, and 12-hours of personal leadership coaching (one coaching hour per month).



If you act NOW and be one of the first 25 folks to register from the webinar and sign up for the retreat, you’ll receive immediate digital access to download the books and music.

Listen to the music on Reverbnation or Soundcloud


BALI RETREAT: June 10-25, 2017


per person


per person


per person

Three inclusive plan features
Accommodations and Food
  • Transportation and transfers
  • Arrival drink and refreshments*
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and refreshments
  • UV filtered mountain spring water
  • Free WIFI Access
  • Free use of Yoga Studio and Joglo
  • 1-hr Balinese massage
Cultural Immersion
  • Guided Trek to Bali Hindu temple (Mountain forest)
  • Guided Trek to Rice field or Jungle
  • Traditional Joged Bumbung Performance
  • Day Trip East to Ubud
  • Day Trip North to Lovina
  • Day Trip South to Tanah Lot
  • Balinese Cultural Cuisine
  • Balinese Festive Décor
  • Havan Fire Ceremony
RITMO™ Experience

Note: Airfare, travel insurance, passport fees, visas, immunizations/vaccines, and health insurance are the responsibility of the participant.


30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Everyone here at Shinshuri Foundation is 100% committed to you starting, developing, transforming, converting, and successfully launching your philanthropic business. We know our program is the best on the market and it works. We give you 30-days to test drive the program. If you do the work and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your tuition.

To be eligible for a refund, simply submit your completed homework and exams from the Personal Transformation Leadership eCourses and daily practice as a RITMO™ Practitioner by completing at least two (2) coaching sessions to show us that you did the work. We do this because we want committed, action-taking exemplary and philanthropic business leaders and professionals in our program and in our community!


It’s a personal and professional transformation leadership experience tried, tested, and proven to change lives. This program is based on proprietary technology that is available only through Shinshuri Foundation. There aren’t any other programs in the market like it – period.

This program is more than a travel experience to a nice location, it is an exemplary leadership experience designed to help you reintegrate your personal consciousness, activate exemplary human capabilities, improve your health and well-being, better your lifestyle, and reclaim your passion, purpose, and innate power.

No. You may plan to attend any one of the locations. We highly recommend that you plan to attend each annual trip when it is scheduled to get the full experience of RITMO, but it is not required. There are several options available:

  • RITMO™ Membership – For those interested in being apart of a social community of interactive practice and fellowship.
  • Virtual RITMO™ – For those who cannot be onsite at the retreat location, plan to participate virtually from wherever you are located.
  • On Demand RITMO™ – For those who missed one or more RITMO™ retreats, gain access to the archives and practice on your own.

To learn more about our RITMO™ options visit our membership page.

Daily practice is centered on achieving six basic actions every day:

  • Recognize your inner essence
  • Surrender your outer essence
  • Accept your innate power
  • Listen to your inner wisdom
  • Transform and be an exemplar
  • Experience oneness

These expressions enable you to live fully self expressed from a state of unconditional love (an open heart) toward everyone and everything. From this space of consciousness there is creative power to manifest anything your open heart desires.

Daily practice is important because it helps the practitioner open his or her consciousness to higher levels of spiritual awareness, and connectivity. It also aids the balancing and alignment of your chakra centers because it gives you time to focus your attention on mental–emotional behaviors and displaced energies that have created blocks, ailments, or dis-ease in your body and consciousness.

Yes, you may bring a child with you on the trip that is at least 10 years or older. Spaces are limited . Therefore, less than a hand full of children can travel with us. For more information, review our Traveling with Children Policy.

Yes. Participation in the online community is essential to helping you recognize, surrender, accept, listen, transform, and experience the power of your true essence. No one is an island. No one belongs completely unto herself or himself.

We are part of a greater intelligent power. Life was meant to be expressed, experienced, and enjoyed with others. Otherwise, you could not call it a human experience. To know one’s self you must know and experience self through others. This is part of the meaning of life without we would not know who we truly are as intelligent light beings–good, bad, or indifferent. We are not alone!

So, go forth–interact, engage, collaborate, share, and learn from one another. Be open, be true to self (there is only one of us), be love, show compassion.

There will be regular virtual assignments and coaching sessions where you can get in the “hot seat” and we can work one-on-one with you on your personal and professional life goals! Even when the program is over you’ll have the support of the RITMO™ community where you can ask questions and get help and ideas from each other – plus from me and my leadership team.

No one is leaving you to fend for yourself here. You also have the option to have private time with me or the leadership team to discuss your personal issues, goals, and plan a project (program, product, or service) if you need it – and that can be arranged at an additional cost beyond the standard coaching time included with your membership.

  • RITMO™ is an integrated rhythmic inspirational healing and lifestyle practice. This practice grew out of daily open dialogues with spirit. Every day I took deliberate intentional action to open my heart. As a result of my devotion and passion I begin to receive loving guidance, direction, visualizations, downloads, dialogues, and never-ending unconditional love to balance, align, heal, transform, illuminate, and reactivate my connection with Source Energy—the all-knowing, all seeing, powerful force of creative wisdom, and intelligent energy in the universe.

    Dr. Tammé Shinshuri
    Dr. Tammé Shinshuri Shinshuri Foundation, Founder